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About Saint Paul Diocesan Junior/Senior High School

"In the Catholic tradition, this simple salutation accompanies the proclaiming of any letter written by Saint Paul.  It is perhaps the one phrase most associated with Paul and his literary work.  For Christians, this salutation is a unifying reminder: as brothers and sisters we form a bond in the belief that God calls each person to a life of faith.  Human goodness and holiness begin here.  And, this is where a Saint Paul Diocesan Jr/Sr High School education begins.

     At Saint Paul, we are animated by the example of our patron saint and namesake.  We are a mission-minded community of learners.  We prepare our students to lead and serve as equals both in and beyond the classroom.  We ready them for a promising future in college and career.  We form young people of conscience as active participants in the life of the Church and society." - Michael J. Clark, Founding Head of School

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