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The 365Z Foundation, Inc. is an organization whose mission is to provide ideas, guidance and resources that will encourage, inspire and challenge individuals to perform conscious acts of kindness.

November, 2022:  WCCA TV's Executive Director, Mauro DePasquale, interviews Ed Gardella and Chris Weber about The 365Z Foundation – View the Full Interview Here.

A world where everyone performs a kind act for someone else – every single day. And in doing so helps perpetuate a community-wide kindness movement. Such a mission is inspired by a young life.

Zachary Ford tragically took his own life at age 20. In the days and weeks following his passing, his family heard stories about how Zach, through his own acts of kindness, had made a positive, lasting impact on the lives of so many others.

Sometime after Zach’s death, his mother, Rosemary, was invited to be a guest lecturer at Quinsigamond Community College for a course entitled Death and Dying and its Effect on Families. In response to a student inquiring as to how she copes with Zach’s death day to day, Mrs. Ford replied that “in memory of my son I perform an act of kindness every day”. Rosemary then added that through her commitment to perform acts of kindness every day at the end of a year she will have performed 365 acts of kindness, thereby remembering and honoring her son’s life.

Professor Paul LaCava solicited the concept of a 365 Foundation amongst friends and colleagues, educators, public officials, clergy, businesspersons, lawyers, and medical professionals; all enthusiastically agreed that this was truly a cause most worthy. In time Rosemary was righteously invited to join the founders' group, and in honor of Zach, the “Z” was added to the 365. The 365Z Foundation has been formed to inspire all to bring more kindness and light into the world.


The 365Z Foundation is a work in progress. We are building a fellowship of people of all ages who share the desire and commitment to make a personal difference in the world, one small act of kindness at a time.

The 365Z Foundation is not affiliated with any religious, political or social-rights based organization, nor does it provide direct services, such as medical care, psychological counseling, or housing.

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