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The 365Z Kindness Educational Program was designed to encourage students to be kind, thoughtful, and facilitate a change in their thought process. This is a FREE Program, donated to the school by the 365Z Foundation. This program is to ensure the philosophy of “commitment to kindness” is carried out on a daily basis.

We are continually meeting with schools, administrations, City Education Boards, and State Boards of Education to inform them of the mission and propose their schools adopt this FREE Program.


We provide scholarships to students and local community members on an ad-hoc basis to support missions of kindness, personal growth, leadership, and community service. We are proud to be able to support others in this manner. 

If you are interested in learning more about scholarships, please contact us directly. 

The 365Z "Making a Difference with Kindness" Scholarship

This is a scholarship for seniors that is heavily weighted in awarding the scholarship, which will be strong moral character, exemplary work ethic, commitment to putting others before self, leadership and mentoring skills, and a positive attitude.

If you are interested in applying for our scholarship, please download this document to read the guidelines and eligibility.

The 365Z Foundation Scholarship Application

365Z Scholarship Winners



Tele Thomas

Molly McGrail

Marta Brodeur

Gwendolyn Bur

Grace Mooshian

Elana Cormier

Kimberly Davis

Cory Goyette

Hannah Kalish

Morgan Proko

Kimberly Davis

Kayla Genese

Tyler Hesselton

Brett Dalve

Rebecca Gilcrest

Sarah Vanasse

Deni Hoxha

Mavis Duobeng

Kevin Zeno

Hillary Veboah

Sarah Darkoah



Madison Nodurft

Kathleen Murphy

Hailey Fiamond

Tushi Patel

Eunice Oterol

Persis Adonteng

Jameson Noonan

Lawreta Kankam

Tori Thomas

Karmen Diep

Martha McDonald

Felix Malendez

Emily Fountaine

Delaney Proko

Nicole Okonji

Ryan Luu

Christopher Reidy

Alivia Thomas

Alva Kusiwaa



ikayla Landers

Grace Kristy

Jillian Henrickson

Emily Smith

Chloe Many

Nana Bodu

Maria Fernandez

Kris L'Heureux

Deb Agyemang

Akiliah Cklarke

Mountsinai Morris

Anastazia Lach

Elise Rydzewski

Erika Sciascia

Esther Ady

Delaney Sherman

Mabel McDonald

Kailey Peiczarski

Alex Genese

Julia Barry

Caroline Gaudette

Jenna Soden

Grace Foulkrod

Eric Paine

Jared Bailey



Fatoumatta Sanneh

Agnes McDonald

Daja Speight

Erin Brown

Xio Alvardo

Kianna Alliance

Irene Akenten

Daniel Mara

Sarah Bowe

Nicole Bernard

Angelo LaRose

Victor Sanchez

Juilianne Marzilli

Carissa Hochkoppel

Cole Delage

Grace Fitzgerald

Katherine Carcharone

Emma Jalbert

Kane Barnes

Marcus Johnson

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